Visiting San Angelo, Texas

San Angelo, Texas is a popular destination for tourists and honeymooners. San Angelo has a warm and humid weather with mild winters. A number of attractions are located in this city, most notable being the old U.S. post office. The city is also known for the many Civil War battles and history-rich sites.

San Angelo is a small town on the west side of Orange County, Texas. Its name came from a Spanish term that means “on the bay of San Angel”. San Angelo has a central location, but is close to many other towns and locations. The most famous landmark is Fort Concho, located in Old Town. Nearby is Chihuahua Park, Chula Vista Shopping Center, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and the downtown area. In the central part of downtown you’ll find the Children’s World playground, a state park, and the Old Town Square shopping center.

San Angelo offers a variety of local attractions including the Concho River, historic downtown hotels, museums, and the annual San Angelo chili festival. There are many festivals throughout the year including  Annual Mexican Fiesta Day, the San Antonio Film Festival, and the Annual Woodstock Weekend. The fort was built by the U.S. Army post, Fort San Augustine. Many tourists visit this historical site, and many take a walking tour around the grounds.