Midland, TX – The Last Stop

Midland, Texas is a beautiful city in southwestern Texas. A part of the Permian Basin region, it is an oil and gas resource center. In the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, visitors are able to experience a boom town, a complete reconstruction of former oil-producing sites. Dating from 1939, The George W. Bush Family Home is located there, along with several other childhood home in the area.

Midland is known as a gatekeeper for the North American natural gas and crude oil markets. Crude oil represents the lifeblood of the energy industry. Energy companies need these liquid fuels to meet the demands of consumers for everyday goods and services. The city itself is the largest accumulation of crude oil storage facilities in the entire country. Midland becomes the gateway for the flow of petroleum into the U.S., and the surrounding area.

Midland, Texas is indeed a wonderful city. With plenty of attractions, recreation, and business options, there is no reason why you should not consider relocating to this part of Texas. For more information on what makes Midland, Texas so great, you can check out the Texas oil refineries that are located here.