Midland Reporter Telegram

The Midland Reporter Telegram is a unique daily newspaper for Midland, Texas, a place I call home. It’s located at the epicenter of the wide 53-county Permian Basin area of West Texas, an area that produces 70% of the nation’s oil. The newspaper covers all of West Texas and is one of the largest papers in the state. But despite its size, the paper is quite unique in that it offers a rather unique content. I’ll talk about this more below.

In addition to having rather large news areas, the Midland Reporter -Telegram also has a number of sections that are devoted to information about the energy industry. For example, there’s a feature article each day that focuses on one type of energy, such as oil, natural gas, coal, or whatever. For example, there was a recent feature story about new regulations that affect the oil and natural gas industry in Texas, and specifically, the Dallas Morning News did a special piece on the effects of those regulations on the oil and gas sector in Texas. And there’s quite a bit more of that too.

One thing I find rather interesting is that the paper has a “feeder” section that gives information to people who sign up for the paper’s news e-mail list. For instance, one article discussed the recent events in Egypt, with the paper predicting that the current turmoil will lead to new, democratic elections. Then the feeder section tells readers that they can find their news here by signing up for the e-mails. In addition, the paper has an online presence–the Midland Reporters website. The site contains news stories and many other resources.