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Drought Conditions Across Texas

Texas is one of the most arid regions in the world and has some of the driest place in the entire world. Since Texas is located in the middle of the southern United States and Colorado is situated in the north, these two areas have a higher amount of precipitation than anywhere else in the world.


However, drought in Texas is not just limited to the desert areas of the state. In fact, Texas actually has a very moist climate, which means that it is prone to droughts. The United States Drought Monitor (USDM) is an interactive map that displays the state and severity of drought over the past year.

The latest update on the USDM map shows that drought is still present in parts of Texas. The data shows that on September 30th, there was a slight drought in the Lower Colorado River Basin area but there is no evidence that the drought will become more severe or longer-lasting. The map shows the same drought conditions on October 12, 2020. In other words, Texas was affected by drought in August and there was not a significant change in the soil moisture. There were some localized areas of dryness however.

Even though there are still areas of drought in parts of Texas, the current drought is much milder compared to what Texas experienced in recent years. Although there have been very low rainfall events in some areas of Texas, the dry conditions in Texas have not affected the population of residents as significantly as other parts of the United States.

The USDM shows that in parts of Texas, there are areas that are currently experiencing the worst drought condition. These areas include the South Texas-Mexico border, Bexar County, El Paso County, and Galveston County. Areas that have experienced severe drought are parts of East Texas, Dallas, Harris County, Fort Worth, and Collin County. These areas are also areas that have been hit severely by hurricanes in the past.

Since Texas is situated on the Gulf of Mexico, it gets high amounts of rainfall during the rainy season and some areas of the state have been hit particularly hard by Hurricane Wilma in 2020, which was a strong tropical storm.

Although drought is not the only thing that affects Texas, it is important to note that many parts of the state are still experiencing some of the driest conditions in the world. Other areas that are not experiencing as bad a drought as others are included Central Texas and Southwestern Texas, Central Texas and the Gulf Coast, Southwest Texas, and the Panhandle, Northern Texas, and the Great Plains, Central Texas, and the Coastal Plain, Central Texas, Southern Texas, and The Rio Grande Valley and the Southwestern United States, North Texas and Oklahoma, Northwest Texas, and the Mountain West and Southern California.

Drought in Texas has been seen in different areas of the state. Areas that are prone to droughts are usually the areas that are in the southwest and areas that are prone to areas that are dry include the Northwest Texas, East Texas, and the Lower Texas. If you are concerned about being a victim of the drought conditions, you can take the drought monitor to heart.

With a drought monitor in your home, you can keep track of the areas of the state that are having the most extreme drought conditions. These monitors will give you a daily or weekly report of the areas of the state where drought conditions are present and you can learn the areas of Texas that are in the middle of these conditions. With the drought monitor, you will be able to learn whether or not you should be concerned about these areas and if you should be worried about the area.

Texas is no stranger to drought. When Hurricane Rita and Tropical Storm Allison struck Texas, areas of the state were not able to withstand the damage that was caused by the two hurricanes and they have a record number of rain gauges showing drought conditions. The drought monitor will help you understand the importance of taking your drought monitoring seriously.

When you have a drought monitor in your home, you will be able to keep track of the areas of Texas that are in need of some rain. By taking the time to be aware of areas of the state that are experiencing drought conditions, you will be able to keep yourself and your family safe.