Big Spring – A Tale of A City and a Park

If you are looking for Texas attractions that are big, exciting, and fun, you should consider Big Spring State Park, Texas. This amazing park is located in the rolling acres of Kingsley Wildlife Management Area, located on the banks of the Texan Gulf. Known for its year-round outdoor adventures, Big Spring State Park welcomes vacationers of all skill levels.

Known as a “paradise” in the early days of its history, the park is still known today for its wide variety of outdoor activities, from horseback riding in the springs to enjoying swimming in the pristine waters of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflats. Another popular activity that is available in this area is fishing. Two miles of canals, known as the River Walk, provide excellent fishing opportunities. The park also offers horseback riding, camping, history, and nature trails.

On the other side of Texas, there lies a town called Big Spring (no relation). There, the largest market day is Monday, May 17, from noon until midnight. The shopping, dining, and nightlife of the town are conducted virtually throughout the year but are particularly festive in March when the town hosts the annual Southwestern Car Show. Other events include a free concert by the chamber orchestra, fireworks at dusk, street dances, horseback riding, rodeos, festivals, fundraisers, and street fairs. The Texas State Highway is the main road into Big Spring, Texas. The town was the first place to introduce the television series “The Office,” so it must be visited by those who love “work.”