Odessa American 101

The Odessa American is a weekly newspaper based in Odessa, Texas, which serves both Odessa and all of Ector County. It is a sister publication to the Austin American and can be purchased online through a subscription. As it is published in Ector County, it is also available in Pflueger and Texarkana. Other publications in this area include the Texarkana Gazette, the Dallas Morning News, the El Paso Times, and the Laredo Morning News.

Odessa is a rural community where homes are constructed on land with streams and lakes in the area. Farms and cattle are a large part of the economy. Schools are aplenty, including both public and private, and include the Odessa School District. Most people who live in Odessa will commute to work. A great part of the economy in this area is the oilfield known as the Permian Basin.

The editor of the Odessa American, Larry Griswold, has covered a wide range of local, national, and international news topics for over two decades. He has worked for many local newspapers, as well as several national publications. In addition to writing articles for the paper, he has also written a number of books on a variety of topics related to Texas agriculture, rodeo, waterfowl, and wildflowers. Besides being a real estate agent and rural farmer, Griswold is the Executive Vice-President of Griswold Realty, a real estate company that specializes in property leasing and selling. He lives in Odessa with his wife, Beth, and their two children, Max and Lane.

Midland High Bulldogs

If you love playing active games and are a football enthusiast, then the Midland High Bulldogs might be your team of choice. Their mascot, the noble bulldog, actually might make a great pet for you and your family. The bulldog is an intelligent breed of dogs who have been bred for over three hundred years to serve as loyal and devoted companions to their owners. Although these dogs have been bred to be strong and work horses, they are also gentle with a loving nature and very good at protecting their owners.

One of the main things that make these dogs so popular among households is their strength and stamina. This makes them ideal to be a sport dog, which means that they should be exercised regularly to keep them in good shape and physically capable of handling the physical demands of daily activities. Active dogs such as bulldogs require exercise on a daily basis and they need to be trained for this purpose, as well as socialization. These dogs can learn new tricks very quickly, but they also need to be taught commands and basic training such as house training, obedience training, and basic training for jumping up on visitors. When properly trained and socialized properly, the benefits that this breed can provide to its owners and the people around them become quite obvious.

Because of their strength, endurance, and intelligence, these dogs are also very good with children. They are also very loving and devoted to their owner and can form a very close bond with them. Also, because of their size, these are great pets to have around at night, as well as during the winter months. The bulldog is also very resistant to allergies and other common diseases and illnesses and can live a long and healthy life even with the many diseases that can afflict this breed.

Whether you adopt a bulldog or not, you can always cheer on your local Midland team every Friday night, starting back in August!

Midland Reporter Telegram

The Midland Reporter Telegram is a unique daily newspaper for Midland, Texas, a place I call home. It’s located at the epicenter of the wide 53-county Permian Basin area of West Texas, an area that produces 70% of the nation’s oil. The newspaper covers all of West Texas and is one of the largest papers in the state. But despite its size, the paper is quite unique in that it offers a rather unique content. I’ll talk about this more below.

In addition to having rather large news areas, the Midland Reporter -Telegram also has a number of sections that are devoted to information about the energy industry. For example, there’s a feature article each day that focuses on one type of energy, such as oil, natural gas, coal, or whatever. For example, there was a recent feature story about new regulations that affect the oil and natural gas industry in Texas, and specifically, the Dallas Morning News did a special piece on the effects of those regulations on the oil and gas sector in Texas. And there’s quite a bit more of that too.

One thing I find rather interesting is that the paper has a “feeder” section that gives information to people who sign up for the paper’s news e-mail list. For instance, one article discussed the recent events in Egypt, with the paper predicting that the current turmoil will lead to new, democratic elections. Then the feeder section tells readers that they can find their news here by signing up for the e-mails. In addition, the paper has an online presence–the Midland Reporters website. The site contains news stories and many other resources.

Odessa, TX: Rediscovered

Odessa, Texas is a beautiful place in West Texas. It is called the “Rio Grande Valley of Texas.” This area was once a big wheat and cattle farm. Today, it has become a complete tourist destination. Downtown, Jack Ben Rabbit is an eight-foot-high statue of a jack rabbit; another 35 Jamborees Jack Rabbits dots the town.

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin is located in downtown Odessa. To the north, the famed Museum of West Texas is an exciting museum. The Permian Basin Historical Society and the Mineral Springs Museum of West Texas both offer interesting ways to learn about Texas and its vast natural resources. The University of Texas of Permian Basin isn’t one of the largest campuses in the country, so if you plan to visit the U.S. campus, you won’t find it difficult to get in during regular business hours.

One way to get around Odessa is public transportation, which you won’t find much of unfortunately. The Central Texas Premium Elevator System, the best form of “public transportation” in the area, goes directly to the top of the Museum of West Texas. No matter how you get there, you’ll find yourself surrounded by beautiful land and buildings that are reminiscent of a flourishing ancient town.

Midland, TX – The Last Stop

Midland, Texas is a beautiful city in southwestern Texas. A part of the Permian Basin region, it is an oil and gas resource center. In the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, visitors are able to experience a boom town, a complete reconstruction of former oil-producing sites. Dating from 1939, The George W. Bush Family Home is located there, along with several other childhood home in the area.

Midland is known as a gatekeeper for the North American natural gas and crude oil markets. Crude oil represents the lifeblood of the energy industry. Energy companies need these liquid fuels to meet the demands of consumers for everyday goods and services. The city itself is the largest accumulation of crude oil storage facilities in the entire country. Midland becomes the gateway for the flow of petroleum into the U.S., and the surrounding area.

Midland, Texas is indeed a wonderful city. With plenty of attractions, recreation, and business options, there is no reason why you should not consider relocating to this part of Texas. For more information on what makes Midland, Texas so great, you can check out the Texas oil refineries that are located here.

Big Spring – A Tale of A City and a Park

If you are looking for Texas attractions that are big, exciting, and fun, you should consider Big Spring State Park, Texas. This amazing park is located in the rolling acres of Kingsley Wildlife Management Area, located on the banks of the Texan Gulf. Known for its year-round outdoor adventures, Big Spring State Park welcomes vacationers of all skill levels.

Known as a “paradise” in the early days of its history, the park is still known today for its wide variety of outdoor activities, from horseback riding in the springs to enjoying swimming in the pristine waters of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflats. Another popular activity that is available in this area is fishing. Two miles of canals, known as the River Walk, provide excellent fishing opportunities. The park also offers horseback riding, camping, history, and nature trails.

On the other side of Texas, there lies a town called Big Spring (no relation). There, the largest market day is Monday, May 17, from noon until midnight. The shopping, dining, and nightlife of the town are conducted virtually throughout the year but are particularly festive in March when the town hosts the annual Southwestern Car Show. Other events include a free concert by the chamber orchestra, fireworks at dusk, street dances, horseback riding, rodeos, festivals, fundraisers, and street fairs. The Texas State Highway is the main road into Big Spring, Texas. The town was the first place to introduce the television series “The Office,” so it must be visited by those who love “work.”

Visiting San Angelo, Texas

San Angelo, Texas is a popular destination for tourists and honeymooners. San Angelo has a warm and humid weather with mild winters. A number of attractions are located in this city, most notable being the old U.S. post office. The city is also known for the many Civil War battles and history-rich sites.

San Angelo is a small town on the west side of Orange County, Texas. Its name came from a Spanish term that means “on the bay of San Angel”. San Angelo has a central location, but is close to many other towns and locations. The most famous landmark is Fort Concho, located in Old Town. Nearby is Chihuahua Park, Chula Vista Shopping Center, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and the downtown area. In the central part of downtown you’ll find the Children’s World playground, a state park, and the Old Town Square shopping center.

San Angelo offers a variety of local attractions including the Concho River, historic downtown hotels, museums, and the annual San Angelo chili festival. There are many festivals throughout the year including  Annual Mexican Fiesta Day, the San Antonio Film Festival, and the Annual Woodstock Weekend. The fort was built by the U.S. Army post, Fort San Augustine. Many tourists visit this historical site, and many take a walking tour around the grounds.